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The concept of The Journeys is Beyond travel.

The Journeys will bring you to places that you have never visited, provide you a different perspective on places you have been to, and combine both of them like never before so that you can enjoy new experiences and make discoveries. There, you will feel the happiness that comes with realizing that there are still things you didn't know.




Our Series

A Journey to Sustainable Development & Regional Revitalization


Our original journey series with a focus on the theme of sustainable development and regional revitalization. We believe it is necessary to review and redesign how our world works according to the principles of sustainable development. In this series, participants will be able to visit, experience, and learn some of the pioneering cases of sustainable development and regional revitalization. We hope to inspire and empower our participants to take more action through this series, in this Decade of Action


紹介プログラム・Referral Program・介绍计划


  1. まずは下記の必要事項をご入力でエントリーをお願いします。

  2. 最短翌日、「紹介コード」をメールでお送りします。

  3. 「紹介コード」を紹介先に共有。

  4. 紹介された方


  5. 付与対象となった時点で、付与方法を案内するメールが届きます。

  6. 特典は紹介された方が参加する旅の初日に紹介する方に付与します。






Recommend The Journeys or The Journeys series to your friends, we will reward you 3%/person equivalent of their journey fee.

  1. Please fill in the form below to join the program.

  2. You will receive a referral code in an email the next day at the earliest.

  3. Share your referral code with your network.

  4. Your referral shall enter the referral code into a journey registration form.

  5. Once you are eligible for receiving the reward, you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to receive it.

  6. We will process your reward on the first day of the journey in which your referral participates.

* It is not necessary for you to participate in the journey.

* You will be eligible once your referral completes the registration form and payment for their journey.

* Customized tours are not eligible.

* Please note that if you enter incorrect information on the form below, you will not be eligible to receive the reward.

* Please note that if the person you referred forgot to enter or enters an incorrect referral code, you will not be eligible to receive the reward.


  1. 首先,请输入以下所需信息。

  2. 我们将尽快在第二天通过电子邮件向您发送推荐代码。

  3. 与您的朋友分享您的推荐代码。

  4. 您推荐的参加者应在旅程的报名表格中输入推荐代码。

  5. 一旦您有资格获得奖励,您将收到一封包含有关如何接收奖励的电子邮件。

  6. 我们将在您推荐的参加者参与的旅程的第一天给您发放奖励。

* 您无需参加旅程。

* 一旦您推荐的人填写了报名表格并支付了他们的旅程费用,您就有资格获得奖励。

* 定制旅游不在计划范围内。

* 请注意,如果您在下方的表格中输入了错误的信息,您将没有资格获得奖励。

* 请注意,如果您推荐的人忘记输入或输入错误的推荐代码,您将没有资格获得奖励。

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